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House - Landscaping

You would think that with a new house, we would be happy and settle in with what we have. Of course not. We decided to do some simple landscaping.

We were using the company In Harmony to help take care of the lawn, letting them do the fertalizing and tasks like that. So, we had one of their designers come out to talk about what we wanted to do. It started simple: there were some plants that were overgrowing the space they were in and hogging the path way. Oh and these plants should really be moved as they are sun loving plants that are in the shade. And these plants here aren't really doing so well. And wouldn't it be great to have a garden area to plant a little vegetable garden. And Carolyn would like a fountain. And, and, and....

Anyway, after a long discussion and some time, we had plans in hand. It took two months to do the main part of the work, during which I took a lot of pictures. And we love the results.